Field Marshall Muthoni, the woman.

When a human being spends eleven years of their lives in the forest, braving the elements and using their bodies to physically fight for the freedom of a nation, you know that this person is a real badass. Especially when she is the only woman to have been given the title Field Marshall. So when … Continue reading Field Marshall Muthoni, the woman.


A not so unusual love story

When I lived in Bungoma our askari Wafula would sit by the gate in his wicker chair every evening, tweed jacket wrapped around his shoulders, shiny pointed leather shoes tapping against the dusty ground, home-made bow and arrow by his side, and nose stuck in a book. He would rummage through my bookshelf every week … Continue reading A not so unusual love story


Perhaps your day started out like mine; a series of intense irritation inducing incidents. I started a new job, and with it the battle of finding parking. Each morning I have been leaving earlier and earlier, hoping and failing, to snag myself a city council parking slot. Perhaps like me, this morning you left the … Continue reading Broken

Njugu George, The Casanova

I suspect Njugu George may be a bit of a Casanova. Or at least fancies himself as one. There were hints of this earlier in our relationship. His face is particularly animated as he tells me how he wooed Nyambura, his girlfriend. He gives me the line he believes secured the deal: Baby, your love is like a cup of … Continue reading Njugu George, The Casanova