Where does it hurt?

  ‘Hope is the thing with feathers That perches in the soul, And sings the tune without the words, And never stops at all’ - Emily Dickinson Are you tired? I am. It is tiring living in Kenya. I don’t want to list the ways, because this piece is not about that. This piece is … Continue reading Where does it hurt?

They came for my grandfather

They came for my grandfather one night He didn’t need to open his one milky eye to see them there Five men standing in a row over his bed He heard them call out to him Are you the son of Kassam Bhai Walji Jamani? Yes, he said, I am. I am Rajabali Kassam He … Continue reading They came for my grandfather

Field Marshall Muthoni, the woman.

When a human being spends eleven years of their lives in the forest, braving the elements and using their bodies to physically fight for the freedom of a nation, you know that this person is a real badass. Especially when she is the only woman to have been given the title Field Marshall. So when … Continue reading Field Marshall Muthoni, the woman.

Kenyans, 10 ways to **** better… #5 will BLOW your mind!

On the night of August 11th, the silence of the Kenyan night was pierced. In some hoods, the screams were of joy. In some hoods, the screams were of anguish. In some hoods the ratatat was from gunfire. In some hoods, the ratatat was from fireworks. Less than a week later, all through the day … Continue reading Kenyans, 10 ways to **** better… #5 will BLOW your mind!

Letter from Kenya’s 44th Tribe

Dear Kenyan sisters and brothers, At last we are family. It’s been over a century of feeling like the unwanted bastard son that was dumped on your doorstep. Drenched and shivering from the storm, you allowed us to stay, but in many ways made it clear, we were not to overstep our mark with ambitious … Continue reading Letter from Kenya’s 44th Tribe