For purposes of full disclosure, I admit I am a little post-wine hazy. And I get sentimental when I have been drinking red wine. It makes me want to write love letters; long rambling intimate winding lush love letters. So I am writing this one to you. First let’s get into the mood. You know … More EEEEEEEKS!

One Year On

My writing process is a bit like being constipated. I feel bloated with unformed ideas and grumpy with blocked up words. I get irritable and it consumes me. I can think of nothing else. Conversations feel like an invasion on my thoughts, and I resent people expecting me to participate in life. All I can … More One Year On


A few years ago, at a time when I was teetering at the edge of a world that had spun me silly, a friend of mine, Jefe, someone I love deeply, told me I should ‘go find myself’. The statement got under my skin. Drove me up the wall. There weren’t enough ways to make … More Lost