And full stop.

  I lay in bed last night asking you to visit me in my dreams. To sit with me. Stroke my hair. Peel back your eyelid with your finger like you used to and give me that sweet sweet smile that would sweep away any melancholy clinging to my heart. Did you hear me? It’s … More And full stop.

In Your 30s

You will look back and see yourself, from outside yourself. An awkward looking not yet awkward feeling young girl, all teeth and pudgy limbs, barefoot on the carpet, swirling on tip toes, feeling her dress swish and swoosh. Hips, shoulders, arms, neck, wrists; moving, flailing, jerking, gyrating, flicking, twisting, swaying. Pupils dilated in the pleasure … More In Your 30s

Woof, there it is: Life lessons from a dog walk

There is this thing old women in our family say when they are particularly irritated by something you are doing. ‘Mane Tension ni aap’ – Don’t give me tension. It is quite appropriate that our smallest dog is nicknamed Tension. He started out as Sparta, because he is a scrappy, feisty thing, but my Grandfather … More Woof, there it is: Life lessons from a dog walk