Love is a Mixtape

Side A One sweet day – Mariah Carey  When somebody you once loved dies, a part of you also dies. You won’t realize it because that love was two decades ago, brewed in the 90s to the soundtrack of old school R&B. But it was your first love. Back when your heart delicately unfurled itself … Continue reading Love is a Mixtape


A Ghazal for Kenya

Tonight l want to sing. Melodies of pain. Harmonies of heartache. Songs of rage. For I don’t have the words to speak, so all I can do is sing. Come, my friend. Is your mouth dry from sighing? Are you as worn as I am? Does your soul ache? Are you afraid? Let’s sit here … Continue reading A Ghazal for Kenya

#StoroSosa – Soaked In The City

She covered her mouth slightly; worried her words would come out in stale coffee scented puffs when she spoke. He on the other hand had shed his self-consciousness over the last two dates, becoming bolder in the way he brought his face close to hers, in the way he ordered a latte assuming that’s what … Continue reading #StoroSosa – Soaked In The City