in my skin

I stand at the window. The moon is hidden and my feet are bare. I reach up to my face. At the point where my hairline starts, is a zipper hidden in the coils of my curls. It is made of solid chunky brass, the kind you find on vintage leather jackets. But it’s no … Continue reading in my skin


And full stop.

  I lay in bed last night asking you to visit me in my dreams. To sit with me. Stroke my hair. Peel back your eyelid with your finger like you used to and give me that sweet sweet smile that would sweep away any melancholy clinging to my heart. Did you hear me? It’s … Continue reading And full stop.

How to to get married Indian Style Part 1

The first thing you need to know is that an Indian wedding has very little to do with the couple getting married. And it certainly has absolutely nothing to do with love. Please. That's for dizzy white people. The sole purpose of an Indian wedding is one thing and one thing alone. To show off. Why else … Continue reading How to to get married Indian Style Part 1

Twenty Fourteen

In exactly twelve hours from now my grandfather's big wooden grandfather clock will fill the house with twelve triumphant rings. It freaks me out. This loud acknowledgement of the passing of time. Like a warning that yet another hour has passed. And another. And another. And with such lyrical pizzazz. I imagine a little old man … Continue reading Twenty Fourteen