Becoming an African

In the underground tunnels of Montreal I start becoming an African. I join other sandaled tropical brethren as we roam the belly of the city, there where it is warm and heated, where buskers play rhythms that awake the taste of nostalgia in our mouth. Where the sun doesn’t reach us, but the heat doesn’t … Continue reading Becoming an African


Murdering Pain

Her pain gets in the way of things. It creeps past the shadow of the moonlight and strides into her dreams, stealing the spotlight and demanding an encore. It intrudes upon conversations, pinching syllables and leaking out into her stuttering pauses. It barges into her office, pocketing her focus and racing away with it like … Continue reading Murdering Pain

How to write about Kenya in 2015

Well Kenyans, we seem to have found ourselves in a rather 90’s predicament. And I’m not talking about fashion trends that require you to unzip your ass to pee. No. I am talking about the ever so dubious condition of needing to watch what we say. In case He Who Shall Not Be Named pulls out … Continue reading How to write about Kenya in 2015